About us

Larissa Cave Hotel; It is located in the town of Ürgüp in the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia, which has 60 million years of natural history, 10,000 years of history of civilization, and a mystical and fascinating texture. Our hotel has been restored with the old style craftsmanship and old stones while preserving the original appearance of an old Greek house and has been put into service to our valuable guests with its rock and arch rooms. Larissa Cave Hotel consists of one rock room, six arched rooms and two terraced rooms. All of these rare caves and stone rooms, which have been used for many purposes such as houses, kitchens, cellars and stables in the past with more than a century of architecture; It is decorated with details that open a window to the past and make you taste the region’s culture.

Our basic principle as Larissa Cave Hotel; to offer our guests a comfortable, peaceful and decent environment where they can feel at home. You can relax in the historical atmosphere of our hotel while you are visiting Cappadocia’s churches and underground cities, which were carved into the rocks, with fairy chimneys where mother nature shows her generosity to create and present to us with her own hands. We guarantee that you will feel as if you are living in a otherworldly place.